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A local office worker has decided to take a leaf out of the weird period Tik Tok chick’s book, by trying to break down the stigma’s surrounding menstruation.

Gwen Simpson [26] is alleged to have done what many other female workers have done before her, and adhered to either stuffing a tampon into her pocket, opting for the claw grab, or straight up just taking her entire bag into the bathroom (the latter she did once, until a fellow employee asked her why).

But after deconstructing the shame around something that was perfectly natural, Gwen has come to the conclusion that it’s up to her to break down these silly conventions, and assert her dominance in a mostly male workplace.

Cracking open a couple of Libra’s, Gwen decides that not only will she not hide the fact that she’s on shark week, but she’ll have some fun with it too – nunchucking her fellow coworkers with the way to the bathroom.

With the appropriate sound effects, of course.

“Hyuuuugh”, *whack.



It’s alleged Gwen was quickly escorted into the HR office for taking her commitment to the cause too far and making her colleagues incredibly uncomfortable.

More to come.


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