A globetrotting Betoota Millennial has made a hilarious travelling mishap by accidentally booking a stay in a weird AirBnB with staff, multiple suites, a minibar and other facilities.

After paying through the nose for an overseas trip, Celia Doyle (28) arrived in Amsterdam, expecting some culture shock but not quite anticipating how bad it would be.

When arriving at her AirBnB, Doyle was shocked to discover it was four stories high, with room for hundreds of guests, a restaurant, linen, and staff aren’t several social/economic classes above her.

Passing through a space known as ‘the foyer’ to a table called ‘the front desk’ Doyle paid for her accommodation, money which would go towards paying staff salary and not directly towards paying someone’s mortgage.

“I don’t get it,” stated Doyle as she looked over a room service menu.

“Who’s the owner of this place and where are their loud friends who make me feel slightly alienated in an unfamiliar environment?”

“Anyway, I gotta go downstairs now for a forced conversation about how this area has changed in recent years but how it has nothing to do with property portfolio land barons like them hogging all the houses.”

However, all Doyle found in ‘the foyer’ was a bar, full of other confused travellers who were wondering what kind of scam they had walked into.

“I didn’t even pay for this drink, they just charged it to my room! Is this like a magic themed AirBnB?”



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