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Cocking her head to the side as she tries to make out some of the words on a handwritten note left on the kitchen counter, local woman Ava Goldmann [31] tries to remember the last time she had a child in the house.

Actually, seeing as she and her husband fall under the ‘DINKs in the city’ category, she doesn’t think anyone under the age of 20 has ever stepped foot in this apartment. Well, at least while she’s been here.

But as she tries to decipher the very childish looking scrawl, Ava comes to the shocking realisation that it appears to be some kind of…grocery list?

Dear god, come to think of it, in this modern age of technology, Ava doesn’t think she’s ever seen her husband’s handwriting before.

Surely not though.


“This isn’t yours, is it?”

Handing Ben the note, which appear to include the words ‘tomato’, ‘oil’ ‘tuna’ and ‘????’, a strong part of Ava hopes he’ll deny ownership.

“Yeah it is, why?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

More to come


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