In some sad news from the Harbour city of Sydney, a war criminal has been forced to say goodbye to his longtime pedophile friend.

Former Prime Minister John Howard was one of the many pedophile apologists to attend the funeral of former Cardinal George Pell at St Marys Cathedral today.

Pell was famously convicted of child sexual abuse after having the conviction overturned thanks to the might, wealth and power of the Catholic Church – and a character reference from John Howard.

That legal decision caused people like Howard and co to pretend as if Pell was actually innocent, rather than able to simply manipulate the legal system to his own benefit and the detriment of those who were abused by the Catholic Church.

The overturning of the conviction came off the back of allegations and buried claims that Pell had harboured, facilitated and protected numerous pedophiles within the Catholic Church.

Those claims came before and after the Catholic Church became the centre of a Royal Commission investigating child sexual abuse.

Regardless of the multitude of information confirming Pell was one of the most morally bankrupt reprehensible pieces of shit to exist in modern times, a thousand or so people turned out to mourn the man today.

John Howard, who famously invaded a sovereign nation under the ‘weapons of mass destruction lie’ in order to promote the commercial interests of American colonialism, was one of those who turned out to pay tribute to Pell.

Howard refused to believe a mountain of allegations against Pell, despite invading a whole country on a hunch – which was subsequently thoroughly disproven.

The British Government’s Chilcott report which came out many years later added to the large body of evidence showing that the invasion of Iraq did not satisfy the legal requirements stipulated and was “unnecessary.”

He was seen shoulder to shoulder with fellow conservatives who for some reason pretend that the clergy don’t commit crimes despite spending their political careers pretending to be tough on crime.

More to come.


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