A particularly vigorous anti-vaxxer has survived a vicious Facebook cull this evening, after being afforded another 12 months grace in a local man’s newsfeed.

Propped up in bed with MacBook on his lap, it’s understood Brisbane lawyer Cameron McDennis has decided to swap his phone for his laptop, bringing out the big guns to conduct a proper bi-yearly Facebook cleansing.

After slashing away former travel acquaintances, one-time Tinder matches and a bunch of people he did a month-long uni assignment week, it’s believed Cameron’s cursor is sitting idle, as he weighs up whether to delete Shaniya Brinkler, an emphatic anti-vaxxer who lives back home in Betoota Dams.

After weathering two years of frequent posts which featured numerous articles ranging from 5G to Bill Gates conspiracy theories, it’s believed young Cameron is planning to keep Shaniya as a ‘Friend’ in the hope of future entertainment.

“I mean I really should delete her, we never even had anything in common at school so I’m surprised she’s survived this long” admitted Cameron.

“But amidst all the Minions meme’s my Aunty posts and the images of someone’s new baby that I don’t give a shit about, I’ve kinda learned to love Shaniya’s batshit crazy views on the vaccine and the pandemic.”

“It’s really given my feed some texture!”

Asked what it would take for him to finally bite the bullet and cast Shaniya’s profile off into the dark abyss, Cameron admitted he’s already put up with a lot of unsolicited dribble.

“She was selling that Herbalife garbage straight outta school, but I managed to ignore her messages, then she went on some 60 day plank challenge for charity a few years back and that certainly brought the giggles!”

“Now that she’s stopped posting the anti-vax stuff, who knows what could come next?!”

“Maybe she’ll try and kickstart her own campaign to appear on MAFs, then I’ll definitely put the popcorn in the microwave!

More to come.


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