Home cook Tia Noonan (26) went a bit cheffy today as she added kimchi to a meal thus making it ‘korean fusion food.’

Made from hot chillies and fermented cabbage, kimchi is a lacto fermented staple of Korean cuisine with many Korean people owning a second fridge just to keep their kimchi in.

As it is found the addition of kimchi can assist in improving ‘gut health’ the western world collectively lost their mind over kimchi in the last decade which saw the amount of white people enjoying kimchi, and the average price, increase exponentially. 

And so it is that home cooks like Noonan have continued to add kimchi to whatever they are having for dinner as to convince their housemates and guests that they are a little cultured and that.

“Street food culture in Korea is one of the fastest in the world, there’s so much room to experiment,” stated Noonan, as she added lashing of kimchi onto a sausage in bread.

“Can I interest you in a slice of Italian-Korean pizza?”

At the time of writing it is believed that Noonan has eaten korean fusion for every meal since 2016, meaning at any given time she is usually 0.5 to 1 percent kimchi.



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