One of Betoota’s most eligible bachelorettes is attempting a quick cover up this evening, after accidentally identifying that she’s stalked her date’s Instagram history as far back as 2015.

Sitting at a candlelit table at the French Quarter whisky and tapas bar, The Fox and Hunter, it’s believed young single Ellie Waters (25) is quickly trying to back track, after letting slip she deep dived her date Kyle Chamberlain’s social media activity.

After spending the first drink comparing notes about each other’s working day and recycling some pre-date chat about their favourite breakfast cafe in town, it’s believed Ellie’s switch to travel banter backfired, when raising the topic of Southeast Asian backpacking.

After playfully suggesting they amp up the evening by switching to a more tropical beverage, it’s understood Ellie’s suggestion of a Mai Tai has left her particularly red faced.

“Oooh yeah I do love a good Mai Tai, anyway what did you think of Koh Samui?” asked Ellie.

“Uhhhh, yeah I was good, wait how did you know that I…” replied a suspicious Kyle.

“Oh I umm, you know just figured you went to Koh Samui cos like everyone goes there ha ha ummmm….”

The mid-date gaffe was reportedly made worse, when Ellie’s date joined the dots and realised that Ellie must have gone as deep as his ‘tagged’ photos.

Speaking to our reporter on route to the bar, Kyle told The Advocate whilst a little weirded out by geographical specificity of Ellie’s questioning, he admitted he was impressed with her investigative due diligence.

“I don’t have any photos on my profile from that trip, it was one I did with my ex straight after high school.”

“So if she’s seen that I went to Koh Samui, it’s that bloody photo some random from the Contiki tour tagged me in, so she’s done some serious detective work to track that down, I’ll give her that!”

“Anyway she’s kinda fun, guess I’m ordering two Mai Tai’s please!

More to come.


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