A former high school musical star has burst onto the wedding scene this evening proudly announcing she’s legally certified to authorise marriages.

A self-proclaimed ‘drama kid’, local pharmacy assistant Tessa Hampton (29) is well known around town, particularly for her breathtaking performance as ‘Bombalurina’ in St Mary’s High School performance of ‘Cats’ back in 2011.

After a brief stint in Brisbane where she studied acting at the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory , Tessa has since cemented herself as a beloved member of Betoota’s local community theatre group.

However with an upcoming deluge of weddings about to flood the calendars of every person in town, Tessa has reportedly decided to lean on her vivacious personality and kickstart a little weekend side hustle to cash in on the buckets of money being splashed on local Diamantina

Uploading a cute poster she’d created on Canva to her personal Facebook and Instagram pages, Tessa announced she was available to stand alongside locals in love and help them tie the knot, for a pretty hefty fee.

“If you can’t beat em, join hey!,” she wrote on Facebook, a cheeky reference to her own struggling love life.

“As a hopeless romantic, and someone who believes that love is a most splendid thing, I was inspired to add my quirkiness to a stranger’s special day.”,

“‘Say Yes with Tess!”

“If you’re tying the knot, I’m looking forward to going on the journey with you. Shoot me a DM, my dates are booking up FAST!”

More to come.


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