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A young large unit from out town’s aspirational Heights area cast his vote for deep-dish pizza over the weekend, telling the other mates at the sleep over that it’d be funny.

Despite his best efforts, young Elwood Overell was left disappointed after his fancy mates voted unanimously for the inferior Thin N Crispy.

Elwood, the youngest son of The Advocate’s editor Clancy Overell, told our reporter that he can’t quite get his head around the decision because while the toppings are essentially the same, the vehicle in which it enters your body is not.

“I would’ve gone for thick crust as a compromise,” said the bigfella.

“But no, we had to go with the yoga mum special. Pretending we’re a bunch of limp-wristed Europeans. Barbecue Meat Lovers on a bit of cardboard,”

“Dad came through with the goods, though. He got us a personal garlic bread each.”

In 2009, the nation’s peak scientific body concluded that deep dish pizza is unhealthy and largely made up of food stuffs that humans can’t honestly digest properly.

The CSIRO went further in that report to suggest that for each slice of deep dish pizza a person consumes, it can take between 5-7 minutes off the average human lifespan. Similar to a Marlboro Light.

More to come.


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