A former High School heavyweight has soared back online this week, announcing her return to social media with a ferocious improvised dance routine.

Famous for her leading lady performance as ‘Dorothy’ in Betoota Girls Grammar’s 2015 production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, well known triple-threat Sarah Burchmore took to Instagram last Tuesday night to remind everyone that she’s still quite talented.

Bounding across the hardwood flooring of StepOne Dance Studios, it appears Sarah took some time after her busy teaching schedule to let loose to Lana Del Ray’s ‘Young and Beautiful’.

Speaking to Amy Roberts, the former Betoota Girls Prefect who played the role of ‘The Wicked Witch’ in the same school production, it’s understood Sarah’s return to the dance floor was a surprise to many.

“I was sitting at home watching MAFs, next minute I scroll past Sarah doing a triple poirette on my feed.”

“I heard she went to Brisbane after school to study at the Queensland College of Dance, but now she’s broken up with her boyfriend and is back teaching in town…”

“If the rumours of him cheating are true, no wonder she’s getting it all out with some impro!”

The Advocate understands Sarah’s resurface on Instagram received a mixed reception, partly due to the tumultuous school musical production, which caused a deep rift among two key groups of ‘theatre kids’.

Speaking to our reporter, former Wicked Witch Amy said she was finally willing to let go feelings of post-graduation resentment, even after Sarah supposedly kissed Amy’s then boyfriend, Jack Anderson who played the role of ‘Scarecrow’, onstage during the final night of performance.

“Ahhh it’s all old High School drama stuff, I’m sure we can park it,” said Miss Roberts.

“In fact, my little 3-year old Arabella is getting close to needing tiny tots dance lessons, I might even take her down to the studio and get her signed up!”

“If Sarah’s memory is as bad as mine she might even give me a discount for being School Musical co-stars!”

More to come.


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