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Labor MPs are being recalled from holidays this week in order for the Prime Minister to pass his landmark legislation to pass rising energy costs onto the foreign-owned fossil fuel instead of everyday working families.

That means Anthony Albanese’s annual Cooks River mush is on hold until this becomes law, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed.

Each year in the week before Christmas, the Prime Minister and some of his university friends canoe from the Cooks River headwaters under the Burwood Road Bridge down to Botany Bay.

Along the way, they have a good mush and make some stops to have pensive discussions and observe cool things like spiders.

In addition to watching spiders make their webs under torchlight, they also say looking at the trees as the wind blows through them is also mentally refreshing.

“Another highlight of the annual trip down the Cooks is rafting up under the train bridge near Tempe station and having a Tangara drive over,” said the Prime Minister’s Office.

“It’s one of the most anticipated activities in the calendar for the Prime Minister, it’s a shame that it might be pushed forward into the new year.”

More to come.


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