The last few Liberal MPs that remain in Federal Parliament after the May election have been once again caught by surprise this morning.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison is currently in the chair at the Royal Commission into the failed and criminal Robodebt scheme today.

With the introduction of a Federal corruption watchdog last week, and thousands of public servants and forensic accountants running combs through the Liberal Party’s legacy of forcing vulnerable Australians into suicide with fictional debts created by am glitching computer aimed at clawing back welfare overpayments – things do not look good for Scotty or his MPs.

Waiting outside the courtroom is a handful of these Liberal MPs, some wishing the very best for their former leader – but most wishing the very worst for a man that destroyed their party’s chances of holding power for another generation.

Working alongside his last remaining Hillsong ally in the shape of Stuart Robert MP, Scotty From Marketing was the Social Services minister when this cruel program was devised and launched. He was Treasurer when it was expanded to millions of Australians – and he was Prime Minister when it faced two legal challenges.

Today will be the first day he ever talks about his role in this criminal conspiracy saw hundreds of thousands of underclass Australians issued fictional and illegal welfare debts – shameful stain on Australian democracy that a court of law has since labelled “shameful” while approving a $1.8bn settlement.

Victims have since told the royal commission that their robodebt notices caused them sever psychological damage and tore families apart – many were forced into selling their cars, homelessness and self-harm.

As the scale of this cruelty becomes clear under a new government, the Australian media are now comfortable with reporting on just how badly the Liberals were treading on the poor – an inconvenient truth that the newspapers were holding back in an effort to protect franking credits and negative gearing.

However, it all ends today. As a guillotine was unveiled at the Royal Commission hearings in Brisbane.

“No” gasped one of the Pentecostal Liberal MPs outside, as masked guards arrived to handcuff them all.

“No… You can’t… We were born to rule”

“How dare you…”

The guards shuffled the elected officials inside the court room.



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