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A study conducted by Psychology Australia has determined that anyone with an engineering mate can agree that they’re a little bit odd, mostly by the way they respond to social situations and their dogged pursuit of always thinking ‘practically’ – which works well if you’re dealing with a machine, but not a human being.

Characterised by their sharply analytical minds, tendency to commit social faux pas, and ability to ask a thousand questions in the span of five minutes, ,your engineer mate may require you to explain strange concepts such as emotions and empathy, and the art of being tactful.

The Advocate speaks to a couple of locals with engineers in their social circle, to uncover some of the fun little idiosyncrasies.

“I had to explain to my mate that he needs to be a little nicer when he’s turning girls down”, explains Tony, a program manager from Betoota Heights “he told his last date ‘she was boring him.”

“He genuinely couldn’t understand why you can’t say that.”

Another bloke, Neil, a PT from down South, reckons his mechanical engineering mate deliberately does intense workouts while extremely hungover, because he doesn’t feel content unless he’s constantly doing something to test the limits of his ‘mind and body.’

“He’ll stay out drinking until 3am.”

“Wakes up at 6 and do powerlifting.”

“It’s fucking psychotic.”

More to come.


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