In a decision that might be harder to understand than the enigma code, single fella Brodie Dawson uploaded a photo of himself to Tinder holding a fish that he just killed.

Although he judges anyone who takes a photo of their food, Dawson simply cannot kill a fish without getting a photo with it which is how he ended up posing with a saratoga that most would agree is a solid ‘not bad’ in size.

Despite being a decent sized fish, Dawson still felt the need to spin a 21st century fisherman’s yarn and hold the fish a little closer to the camera so it looked like he reeled in a monster.

In doing so Dawson has mistakenly revealed to would be daters that he is a certified fibber when it comes to the size of things.

“Dishonesty about the size of things from the get-go,” stated local female Tinder user Tahlia Schtump.

“You just know he’s gonna send you a dick pic shot from below, his head poking around the side like he’s afraid of his Gandalf-inflated girth.”

“I mean, the fish alone.” 


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