A recent study by BetootaSuisse found that at retirement age every single Australian will need at least six times more superannuation than what they will have if they wish to experience any kind of comfort in their remaining years of life.

I for one am not surprised.

So many of my clients spare little thought for what they’re doing with their super. They couldn’t even tell me where their super is, how many accounts they have, or how much money is in there.

And salary sacrificing? After-tax super contributions? Forget it. Most Aussies just don’t give a flying hoot for their super situation.

However, some Aussies do keep on top of their super. They’re the smart ones. They do everything right. They salary sacrifice, the do the tax stuff, do it all. And they’re the ones that know that even after all the hacks and tricks, somehow they still have well-below the average amount of super for their age cohort.

Which hurts, don’t it!

But maybe you haven’t tried everything. Have you considered switching super funds today? You’ve seen the ads right? You’ve seen how much better the actors’ lives become once they make the switch? 

But for whatever reason you just haven’t got up off your ergonomic stool and made the switch happen.

That’s ok, there’s still time to plan for your future. So make the switch. Because it’s those other super funds that make better returns. The longer you wait, the less benefit you’ll get in retirement.  

And once you do switch, don’t be alarmed when your previous super fund starts making the better returns, that’s normal. It’s like swapping to the faster moving supermarket check-out line only for it to then stop and allow you the time to watch your previous line start moving again.

So make the switch back to your original super fund before you miss out again on better returns. So long as you switch funds today, you’ll rise above the crowd in every conceivably competitive way except financially, and still have well-below the average amount of super for your age cohort.

It’s time to take control of your superannuation. Make the switch today and live out the retirement of your nightmares tomorrow.


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