A local woman has elevated herself to ‘favourite customer’ status this morning, after embracing a sense of teamwork when ordering her morning brew.

After overhearing the bloke in front of her order two large cappuccinos with one sugar each, it’s believed local admin officer Jodie Harmsworth (33) opted against any nut or grain based milks, and simply asked for a cappuccino to..

Noticing her local barista Jonny Di Vazio (38) was stuck juggling a frenzied burst of pre-9am customers, Jodie is understood to have opted for a no-fuss approach, and receive a graciously thankful nod after ordering a beverage with the same milk profile as the person before her.

“Coffee is coffee, I just want the caffeine hit if I’m honest,” Jodie told our reporter.

“I could be an asshole and ask for half oat, half skim, but when this place is rammed with people also late for work, it’s just easier to order the same thing as the person before me.”

Speaking to Jonny Di Vazio, the head barista at Pooch and Parlour, a cafe located on the leafy corner of Saatchi and Versace Streets in the French Quarter, Jonny said he was dumbfounded that people didn’t realise multiple milk variations had a direct impact on his speed of service and brewing efficiency.

After six years of manning the milk steamer, Jonny told The Advocate he was pleased some local residents were starting to cotton on to the procedural aspect of his craft.

“I can’t believe it’s taken this long for people to realise that everytime someone orders a different milk, their order will take twice as long.”

“Now that my boss has added a 7th plant-based milk option to the rotation, it’s starting to feel like a chemistry lab behind the damn machine.”

“So when someone like Jodie comes in and just orders ‘whatever easy’, you bet I appreciate it, I might have to give her a complimentary biscotti tomorrow…”

More to come.


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