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A Betoota Grove mother of three has shared a touching meme today that conveys her deep sense of sadness at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Through the medium of Minions, Denise Wonga said she was one sad mum today and that’s about it.

The retired nurse declined to speak to The Advocate today regarding the meme but said today was not a day for cheap point-scoring by the “blue-haired left”, it was a day to remember the lifelong service and dedication to us all that HM Queen lived by.

“I’m just too sad,” she said.

“But the world keeps on turning. I suppose I’ll die soon? And after that happens, the world will keep on turning. As it always does. Sorry if I’m boring you, I’m just in a bit of a funk today. I just want tomorrow to come swiftly because it’s only time that can make us feel better now,”

“Today isn’t the day to argue what our shared destiny should be.”

More to come.


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