Workplaces around the country are currently facing the type of heat that has no business making an appearance in late September.

Emergency services are on high alert with hot temperatures across large parts of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

And the Bureau of Meteorology has formally declared Australia has now entered an El Niño climate pattern, two months after the World Meteorological Organisation made its own El Niño declaration, raising the prospect of record-breaking global temperatures.

The climate driver is associated with hot, dry weather which emergency services fear will increase the risk of bushfires around the country.

Health experts are saying it’s important to prepare for the imminent hot summer, although Spring is going to be pretty crook to begin with.

Right across the nation, the sweaty guys are already opening up the pores, regardless of how good the air conditioning is on public transport or in their cars.

One Betoota-based logistics manager at an industrial estate office block in the Flight Path District has today arrived at his desk looking like the coach of a grand final winning NRL team who just got the Gatorade esky treatment.

“She’s friggin warm out there!” said Clint, the 54-year-old sweater from way back.

“This isn’t even the worst of it they reckon”

When asked what his plans were to escape the heat this summer, Clint says he’s gonna be going to the movies quite a lot.

“I’ve been holding off on Barbieheimer until she’s stinkin” he says.

“Otherwise I might just keep the fridge ajar and fill up an old Ajax spray n white bottle with water”

Meanwhile, politicians continue to ignore the same people that have spent three decades arguing that this would eventually happen if we refused to acknowledge the climatic changes that would take place as a result of the accelerated burning of fossil fuels for 200 years.


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