Donald Trump supporters remain confident in their President’s claims that the coronavirus isn’t really hurting him because he is stronger than this stupid virus that only kills poor people.

This follows the perhaps premature announcement that Mr Trump has since left the Walter Reed Medical Hospital on Tuesday, where he was being treated for the virus.

White House physician Dr Sean Conley said Mr Trump was running a high fever and has received supplemental oxygen twice, which experts say is not a good sign that early on in the piece.

However, the President also received an experimental treatment that would only be reserved for generationally wealthy tax-evaders like him.

It came in the form of an infusion of Regeneron’s REGN-COV2, a highly experimental and unproven drug prescribed alongside two other main treatments.

Mr Trump received a single 8-gram cocktail of antibodies tailor-made out of embryonic cells to treat the virus, the White House physician said.

His evangelical Christian voters base do not appear to be as outraged by this kind of playing God science, not when compared to how the feel about abortion.

However, in the midst of all of the speculations surrounding The President’s health, no one is yet to ask how the First Lady Of The United States is holding up.

Diagnosed on the same day as her husband, Melania Trump has not received one headline yet, and was not present the day her husband performed his post hospital strongman propaganda video on the White House balcony.

In fact, not one supporter of the Trump administration have bothered to ask how the old girl is doing – which is unprecedented, as the health and wellbeing of previous First Ladies Michelle Obama and Laura Bush would at at least make page two.

However, Melania’s quality of life did briefly dominate the news cycle on Friday last week, when the initial diagnosis came to light – indicating the poor woman had in fact been within 1.5 metres of her husband.

She joins a long list of people within the President’s orbit that have subsequently been diagnosed in the last week, as the White House cluster nears twenty plus advisors, housekeepers and confidantes.

It is not yet known if the housekeepers will get their own helicopter ride to the best hospital in the country, and treated with REGN-COV2.



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