SAY IT TO MY FACE! QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has reportedly had enough of backstabbing haters, according to a visceral Facebook status posted earlier today.

After burning the candle from both ends as the Premier leading Queensland through three years of pandemic hysteria and the Black Summer bushfires, the Member for Inala has fired shots at the critics scrutinising her work ethic while she is on holiday.

Despite being on holiday in Europe, the Premier has been in the spotlight, as both Nine and Sky News send paparazzi to gatecrash her holiday, while also obsessively speculating about a since-disproven internal leadership struggle within her party.

By the time Palaszczuk returns from her trip to the Amalfi Coast on September 11, she will have taken 37 days of leave compared with 25.5 days in parliament. However, her allies argue that this scheduled break may be mandatory to insure the Premier doesn’t end up having to pull the pin like the ‘burnt out’ WA Premier did, and be replaced by yet another politician that nobody voted for at an election.

Channelling her inner Inala, the Queensland Premier has absolutely sprayed the media and her critics with the following post:

‘Take a look around.. Nothing is on fire. No fkn masks. How does go n get absolutely fukd sound? 🤣🤣🤣 Italy is a movie btw”

It is believed that describing something as a ‘movie’ is West Brisbane slang for something being ‘fun’ or ‘exciting’ – her references to ‘nothing being on fire’ – has been interpreted as a shot at the former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who decided to go on holidays during the most devastating natural disaster in recorded history.

However, her critics and outraged voters say that the current youth crime crisis plaguing Queensland is akin to a natural disaster, as both the media and police grapple with how to respond to the very visible social issues that have emerged from shutting down schools for two years and ordering disadvantaged young people to find a computer in the family home that can replace their teacher.

The Premier’s office was approached for comment, but the Betoota Advocate was told she’d already said everything she needed to say fuck ya.


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