Just four days out from the 2021 NRL Premiership-decider between the Penrith Panthers and the South Sydney Rabbitohs, and the usual Grand Final fanfare is underway.

With the entire competition relocated to a Queensland bubble to allow live matches, this year’s battle between South and Western Sydney will be cruelly hosted at Suncorp Stadium

However, the home state of these teams will be honoured on the night – with a specially designed NSW Police-themed premiership ring.

Last year, the grand final ring paid homage to those who helped in a year of fire and pandemic. This year, the NRL acknowledges the work of the coppers in NSW – one of Australia’s most noble police services who specialise in telling pubs to turn their music down and strip searching teenagers in public.

For some reason, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller was asked by the NRL to help jewellers with the design.

“The blue and white checker band is something that every police force across Australia does recognise. It’s a nice way of recognising across Australia, the work police officers do every day,” says Fuller.

They are the 17 grand final rings for the players, and one for the coach, that are gifted in victory for securing the NRL premiership each year.

The theme of the 2021 Premiership ring is particularly interesting pick, given the fact the fact that these sparkly tools of state propaganda will be worn by young men who will most definitely be breaking the law in the hours after being awarded them.

With four individual NRL stars already in the spotlight for off-season cocaine scandals since the finals began, it can only be assumed that this burning desire to be filmed while racking up will also consume the players of whichever NRL club takes out the silverware on Sunday night.

The fact that there is absolutely zero lockdown restrictions in Fortitude Valley and a well-documented man-drought in the River City is also bad news for these Premiership rings aimed at honouring the thin blue line.

Experts predict that the party will go on for days. And NRL playing group seem to have a few tricks to help them do that without getting tired.


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