After a month of catastrophic climate change aided bushfires battering New South Wales, Queensland and now Victoria – Australians are wondering why it is left to ABC local radio and the RFS websites to provide the nation with updates on our brave firefighters.

This comes as both the Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, Herald Sun, Weekend Australian and the weekday editions of The Australian seem to have actively avoided a front page story covering the catastrophic bushfires.

60 percent of Australia’s population who live on the eastern seaboard have not seen a blue sky for three weeks, as a landmass the size of Lebanon is torched in central New South Wales.

Elected politicians from both the Federal, QLD and NSW governments appear to be avoiding any discussions related to the fires.

That was until the Prime Minister was caught in a lift in Bligh street yesterday because the air in Sydney was so thick with smoke that it set off the fire alarms in the building.

However, despite conversations with god, and his security detail – Morrison has only commented on the fires once this week, when he told a press conference yesterday that he didn’t believe the RFS needed anymore resources. Despite them asking for more resources since April.

However, luckily for both Morrison, Berejiklian and Palaszczuk – the largest media owner in Australia is also just as disinterested in discussing this unprecedented apocalyptic event.

Australians say they are surprised that a news empire that has spent twenty years ‘backing rural Australians’ with their support for coal mining and Murray Darling water theft would be so hesitant to discuss the fact that 1000 regional Australians have had their houses destroyed by fires.

“Why are they doing front pages stories about religious discrimination?” asks local Singleton man, Keith.

“I just lost my house, pets and car to a bushfire that has been burning for three weeks.”

Port Macquarie mother-of-four, Sharon, who is has been sleeping in an evacuation centre for one month agrees.

“I’ve seen more stories on where Latrell Mitchell might be playing in 2021 than I’ve seen on the bushfires”

“Maybe it’s because these fires don’t paint our government or their pro-government newspapers in a very good light after they spent the last twenty years ignoring the signs that pointed to this happening and then told us that our concerns were just needless anxieties”

“Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine usually love writing about people being hysterical about environmental collapse”


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