A day after the mysterious monolith in the Utah desert disappeared, a second similar object has appeared on the roadside of the Boulia Highway, just 40 clicks south of Mount Isa.

The four-metre tall monolith is an upturned triangular prism, but from most angles simply appears as a flat plank.

It appeared on the banks of the dry Galah creek, close to an important just half an hour’s drive from the iconic Outback Queensland mining town.

Though while a dark metallic structure, it appears covered in concentric circles.

While the appearance of such monoliths have left many disconcerted and uneasy, local member Bob Katter MP was unfazed.

“It’s not the scariest thing we’ve found on the side of the road. Not by a damn sight. This is The Isa, remember?”

In fact, the people of the Kennedy electorate are so unperturbed by this supernatural phenomena, that they have immediately begun lighting it up with 12 gauge buckshots, like they do with every singe road sign and fingerpost erected within fifty metres of any highway in the region.

Meanwhile, authorities in Utah say they will not investigate the disappearance of the first monolith, which was widely reported on last week.

The San Juan County Sheriff said the office doesn’t have the resources to devote much time and energy to the object’s apparent theft, because you know, that massive pandemic that they are in the middle of

The monolith was erected on public land without permission, and its creator or owner has not been identified – but Americans really want to believe it was the work of some sort of higher power that might be able to explain the awful year they have had.

However, back in The Isa, locals have almost blown their newest monolith to oblivion with unregistered firearms.

“So good” said local helicopter pilot, Korey (28).

“We were so blind last night just shooting the shit out of it”


The local head of police at Mout Isa was asked for comments about the local residents who saw no issue with admitting to violating QLD gun laws to shoot at inanimate objects for sport – but his comments were quite similar to Korey’s.

“Haha. Christ have they been?”

“So good”


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