Despite having almost the entire Australian media landscape cheering him on, Scott Morrison continues to get pumped from both angles in the pre-election polls – with the teal candidates sucking the lifeblood out of his Blue Ribbon seats like a trash pump at Lismore’s main street – and the Labor Party continuing to lift in the marginal working class electorates with their promises of wage rises and aged care reform.

While no one can predict how Victoria will be voting, after close to two traumatic years of lockdowns under a Labor Premier – it does appear that Scott Morrison’s path to victory is definitely not as easy to map out as it was in 2019.

In fact, with everything that is going, it looks like Scott From Marketing might’ve lost his magic touch: marketing.

And one of the biggest handbrakes of the Liberal Party’s 2022 re-election campaign appears to be Katherine Deves — Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s hand-picked candidate in Tony Abbott’s former seat in the once blue ribbon North Shore.

With just one fortnight to go, this should be Scotty’s premiership lap – where he does nothing but yell the word ‘jobs’ at NewsCorp journalists – and dresses up as a different blue collar worker every hour.

Instead, he’s being dragged into a sensitive culture wars debates, by insisting on backing the slightly unhinged Deves’s weekly comments about transgender people.

It is not certain why Scott Morrison tipped Deves to claw the seat of Warringah back from the current Independent Zali Steggall, but he must’ve seen promise, considering he overruled a democratic vote by NSW Liberal branch members to put her there.

One local jilted dyed-in-the-wool Liberal agrees with this sentiment.

As the CEO of a major online payroll software firm, Howard Blackmore-Oldfield (64) said he was actually going to vote Independent again this year – until Scotty won him back over by obsessing over the genitals of vulnerable young people.

“This Deves woman has a hell of a career ahead of her” says Howard.

“The wife got me on the Zali train last election, because it seemed the party had become a bit too compromised by the interests of the fossil fuel sector, and had forgotten their core ethose of lower taxes and less government”

“But I tell you what, both Scott and Katherine have impressed me by relentlessly focusing on the private parts of young people”

“He’s certainly restored my confidence. I reckon my wife would also agree that this is by far the most important thing to be talking about less than 2 weeks out from an election”

“This kind of leadership reminds me a lot of Menzies actually.”

“I think real Liberals can see a lot of that old man in this new generation”


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