The board of Australia Post has hit back at former chief executive Christine Holgate during a submission to a Senate inquiry on Tuesday.

The organisation’s chair, Lucio Di Bartolomeo has staunchly rejected Holgate’s claim that she was “unlawfully” stood down over the Cartier watches scandal.

In what appears to be another case of the Morrison government throwing a high-functioning female over the coals in order to distract from the incompetence of his own office, Christine Holgate resigned as Australia Post chief executive following a revelation that no one really appeared that outraged about except the embattled PM

Morrison ordered an investigation into Australia Post’s purchase of luxury watches, worth thousands of dollars each, as a reward for executives who helped to secure a lucrative deal.

It was a scapegoating that timed well with the shit fight the PM was facing over the sports rorts scandal – which was only dealt with when Morrison made another woman, Senator Bridget McKenzie, resign from the cabinet – because women can’t stop causing all these problems for this government.

During the Senate Inquiry on Tuesday, Holgate publicly attacked the organisation’s chair, Lucio Di Bartolomeo, accusing him of “unlawfully” standing her down

However, the new Liberal-Party-appointee-stacked postal service has now responded, releasing a statement that aimed to correct Ms Holgate’s claims.

“Nah nah nah” read the press release.

“It’s got nothing to do with us taking execution orders from the government to vilify and blame a strong female to take the spotlight off a government that’s acheived nothing but debt since it’s inception”

“It’s got nothing to do with Morrison trying to use a bunch of fairly acceptable corporate gifts as an excuse for how much money he has spent bribing voters in marginal seats’

“Christine Holgate was made to stand down for her ludicrous suggestion that Australia Post run a bit more efficiently if the Post Offices stayed open for a couple hours after people knocked off work”

“Absolutely ridiculous to expect us to allow people to use the service after close of business, even for half an hour”

“What’s next? They want the banks to stay open on bloody weekends!!?”


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