In the boldest act of the new Labor Government, The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has been given full support to take the extraordinary step of suspending the spot market for wholesale electricity across the country.

It’s the first time the market has been suspended nationally and it will be reviewed daily in each state, and signals the beginning of a new era, where any villainous free-marketeers attempting to extort the Australian people will get slapped down very publicly.

This comes as the electricity sector ducks and weaves through soaring costs that are being felt by every household in the country.

This cost-of-living crisis has forced AEMO to cap prices and compel generators to offer their services when needed, rather than making shit up and blaming Australians for leaving their heaters on overnight. This now means the spot market for wholesale electricity has been suspended to try and ensure reliability.

Federal Energy Minister Chris Bowen has said he is pleased with the operator’s decisions, and has confirmed that households along Australia’s east coast should not experience power outages this week.

Bowen says the issues with the national energy market are evidence the system has been mismanaged for the past decade, and that this kind of intervention should send a warning to any other price-gauging corporate bureaucrats that they will get found out.

This unprecedented corporate take-over has been received very well by Australia’s rural agrarian socialists, namely the Member for Kennedy, the honourable Bob Katter III.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Katter struggled to hide his sheer elation – as Australia edges ever closer to doing away with the capitalist privatisation of our nation’s electricity sector.

“This is real good new, boys” said Katter.

“Very bloody good”

“The drums of nationalisation are now banging, gentlemen”

“Not long now and it will be ours once again.

The Maverick North Queensland MP went on to explain that he has called Prime Minister Albanese this morning, and offered his services to help claw back the energy grid from the private sector.

[See headline for final quote].


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