It is believed that Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is already on the job hunt this evening, after being made aware by a foreign Government that he is listed on their books as a dual-citizen.

Today it was revealed that the Member for New England is, in fact, a dual citizen – seemingly putting him in breach of Section 44 of the Constitution.

The Nationals leader came clean this morning, admitting to parliament that he learnt last week he could be a citizen of New Zealand by descent via his father.

AAP reports that Mr Joyce has already created an account with where he is currently searching for work as a scaffolder, if all challenges to the High Court fall through.

The Deputy Prime Minister’s Gum Tree profile lists him as a reliable worker with a history in agriculture, full white card, full working visa, and a chilly bin for his own lunch.

He has also advertised a willingness to work in the areas of pub security, concreting or shearing.

Since this morning’s admissions, the media cycle has been rushed with allegations of Kiwi-like behavior from Joyce – that had previously been misinterpreted as poor social graces.

A venue owner in the South Brisbane suburb of Logan has today leaked photos of the Deputy PM drinking a long neck of New Zealand lager out of a wooden crate, while visiting a Kiwi bikie pub in South-East Queensland.

This came shortly after a traumatised Tamworth-based Merino ram came forward with allegations of mistreatment at the hands of the politician – in what has been described as a ‘real throw back to the South Island’


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