A local scaffolding professional currently working on the new Betoota Ponds Westfield has today proven that Kiwi rugby fans aren’t exactly the most humble in defeat.

Or in the result of a draw.

As a diehard All Blacks fan, Jordie Tynan (19) appears to be struggling to comprehend that New Zealand’s 20-year reign over world rugby is now coming to an end.

This follows yesterday’s first Bledisloe showdown between the Wallabies and All Blacks in Wellington, an explosive spectacle of muddy rugby that finished up 16-all, ten minutes into overtime.

With neither nation able to claim victoriy, this match will now be thrown in the pile of one of 15% of All Blacks appearances that don’t result in a win.

And Kiwis right around Australia are hearing about it.

Jordie is one of those kiwis.

“BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” said the Betoota Ponds site foreman today, after remembering that Jordie was a Kiwi.

“How about that match yesterday. Hahah you must be speeeewinnggg!”

“I don’t even watch rugby but my mates said I had to turn that one at half time.”

“Hahaha what happened? The sheep shaggers just couldn’t get it done? Haha tough shit mate”

Jordie, having already endured five barrages of rugby-related sledging before this exchange, stops smiling.

“Hahahah OOOOOHHHHHHH!” says a 15-year-old apprentice who noticed that Jordie was no longer enjoying this banter.

“Someone’s cut about last night’s match hahahahahaha”

Jordie, who still hasn’t said anything at this point, is quickly reminded by his boss that it’s all a joke and to relax.

“It’s just banter mate, take a joke”

“Just because you guys still couldn’t win even though you had the ref in your pocket, and were running outside the sidelines the entire match”


“How fucken shit were the All Blacks last night”


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