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Prominent post-war land bankers, Deborah and Peter Mcguire (both 67), have today declared that they protect their unsustainable nest egg by any means necessary.

This comes after the news that only half the properties that went to auction in Sydney and Melbourne on the weekend found buyers, as the hysterical Australian property market continues it’s two week cool off, the first of it’s kind in five years.

After making a fair bit of money as an kitchen appliances retailer in the early 90s, Peter was lucky enough to have twenty grand spare after his kids finished school, at which time he was advised by his accountant to buy two run down inner-city terrace houses for ten k a pop.

“We worked hard for everything we got” says Peter, in reference to the fact that these two properties are now worth 11000% more than what he paid for them fifteen years ago.

“Why should I have to suffer because these whingeing younger generations can’t afford to buy into a housing market that politicians have manipulated to continue skyrocketing beyond our wildest dreams”

With the possibility of having to either sell now or risk seeing a slight dip in the generational wealth they are already hoarding, Deborah says that they’ll be voting for whoever can provide them promises of exactly what they want to hear.

“I voted YES in the gay marriage plebescite, but that was when things were looking up in the market. I’ve even voted for the Greens before” she said.

“But with this two week stagnation, It’s looking like we are going to have to vote like reactionaries”

Deborah went on to explain that if that means she’s voting for Pauline Hanson’s far-right One Nation party, then so be it.

“We never had it easy!” says Deborah, who bought their first house outright on her husband’s single apprentice boilermaker wages when Aboriginal people were still considered flora and fauna by Australian law.

“I am a caucasian post-war Australian. I have never made a compromise in my entire life and I’m not going to start now!


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