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A prominent Betoota Grove fuck boy from a well-heeled fuck family has spoken this afternoon of his plan to keep his eyes glazed over until the next small lull in conversation affords him the opportunity to pick up where he was so rudely interrupted.

Peter Debonaire, a 28-year-old Betootacone Valley fintech youngtrepreneur, found himself at an industry networking event earlier today where he had the chance to rub shoulders with some of the most influential and powerful people in the Simpson Desert start-up scene.

Some women were there in that capacity, too.

One of them being Racheal Young, a popular senior project manager for a local start-up that makes biodegradable bullet casings that have seeds in them so conflicts across the third world help solve localised hunger.

Declining to reveal her age but begrudgingly telling our reporter she’s a Gemini, Racheal explained to The Advocate that she did have a long discussion with Peter about the future of blockchain’s role in the quest to find a cure for feline AIDS – but it was all ‘pretty one-sided’ according to her.

“It’s like every time I started saying something, his eyes would glaze over and he’d just punctuate what I said with a ‘yep’ or a ‘that’s crazy’ – he never seemed to take anything I said on board,” she said.

“Then when I’d pause to take a breath, or swallow some spit, he’d take up from where he left off after some half-arsed segue. His stupid eyes would come back to life and then he’d touch my arm or something like he’s been taking pointers from some pick-up artist book,”

“So then I just walked away. You should try it next time you find yourself in a similar predicament.”

More to come.


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