As a first time voter in the 2023 NSW state election, Cherish Adina (21) is only really turning up to avoid being charged even more by a government that really does nothing for her except find ways to ask for money.

With nothing to her name but a busted 2008 Mazda 6, the NSW government has still found ways to sting her close to 30 bucks a day on road tolls. That’s on top of roughly 120 bucks per tank in a city with trains that simply choose to stop working in the middle of the day – for no reason.

After completing a medical science degree at Sydney University, predominantly online of course – because her entire generation had to spent their most formative years locked in doors to protect the boomers – Cherish was made aware on graduation day that the government had indexed her HECS debt to match the inflation caused by their own actions.

This means, despite having absolutely zero assets, and only casual work coming her way, she’s still paying interest on her decision to become a frontline worker.

With the average wage as it stands, which is where it will probably stay because it hasn’t really changed in her lifetime, Cherish will not be owning a home any of the metropolitan regions for at least 30 years.

While the conservative media argument might be that cherish should relocate to the bush if she wants to find work, the NSW health system isn’t really in a position where they can be telling medical practitioners to leave the cities if they want a decent standard of living. Especially with 1:7 nurse to patient ratios in metropolitan Sydney.

Even if she married immediately, with two dual incomes and only ever has one kid, a lifestyle of raw frugality still wouldn’t see her save enough to pull together the 250k deposit required to even enter the housing market. That’s before she gets hammered by foreign investors and boomer trust fund proxys at auction.

Even as a renter, she’s still competing with 30 or so other young people lined up at rental inspections every single night in Sydney.

It’s for this reason, that Cherish is just going to base her decision on vibes and icks this weekend. Whoever has the warmest smile will be getting her vote.

Bad luck to anyone with a short-back-and-sides haircut and some ice-white photoshopped teeth. Ick.


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