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Despite having a disgrace amount of people on their team, a local pub trivia team has gone down to a group less than half the size at the Gelded Seahorse’s trivia night last night.

Made up of 13 city workers from every lanyard-wearing industry imaginable, the Silly Sausages became unstuck early on in the piece when all four of the designated ‘sports guys’ couldn’t remember who won the 2013 Masters.

Across the bar, someone from the Hilton Bombing Truthers did know.

That was the theme of the evening according to John Colon, the self-imposed Silly Sausages captain.

“Nobody knew who the third Prime Minister of Australia was,” he said.

“Turns out it was the first Labor PM. Chris Watson. We put down Edward Barton.”

With 13 young professionals at his disposal, Mr Colon thought the $40 bar voucher was his. But it soon became clear to him that not everyone on his side had their head in the game.

“We had people who didn’t get their questions right in the designated expert subject area. You’d think with thirteen people, you’d win. I even asked the partner of a work friend of mine to stop drinking because he was losing interest in the game. As it turns out, he was supposed to be an expert in rugby league,” he said.

“We got a rugby league question and we all turned to him. The question was ‘How did Darren Lockyer lose his voice?’ and this guy said, ‘He lost it playing a game of ultimate frisbee. Gorden Tallis threw a frisbee really hard and it hit him in the throat. Ipso facto’ so we wrote that down and it was wrong,”

“When the real answer was read out, he laughed. We only lost by two points.”

John admitted that he was also to blame for the narrow defeat, somewhat.

“My expert area, submarine warfare, we don’t usually get questions about that but last night we did. The trivia host, Mark “Bung Eyes” Rollandson from the Desert Rock FM breakfast team, even nodded at me. But I got it wrong. I’m not sure their answer was technically right but I’m not going to argue. I think you’ll find that the HMS Conqueror was the second nuclear submarine to score a kill after the Pakistani one that sank an Indian friagte,”

“Could’ve been the difference but no.”

The Advocate reached out to the Hilton Bombing Truthers for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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