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Every once in a while a groundbreaking change happens within a medium, and with that change there are often two outcomes.

Innovation and improvement, or mimicry and copy cattery. 

In the case of the month long clue based guessing radio competition, we all know which outcome prevailed.

From guessing if this is the sound of a cat falling off a bench or a violin breaking, a local radio show has been praised for its innovation and improvement.  

Used to help milk 4 more ad breaks, the show has been giving out clues that make people come back for me, even though they’ll probably be on the radio shows insta story tomorrow morning anyway!

These competitions are the epitome of ruthless, make a guess that has already been made? Done, there goes your chance. Don’t let the station know you’ve not been tuned in for the last 5 hours straight without even a piss break. 

Then there is the pause, the delay after a guess is made. Where the hosts say something like “Jenny I can tell you this much. You could well be the dumbest caller we’ve ever had. Bruce Willis? Are you for real?” followed by the other saying something chipper like “Jenny I thought you had it!” 

And that’s what makes them the future of radio!


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