4 February, 2015. 15:21

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THE DAILY Telegraph has been called out by media commentators for “trying to muster support for Tony Abbott’s leadership”.

As the leader’s popularity is still in free fall, every media outlet in the country is trying to distance themselves from the 57-year-old Roman Catholic.

Yesterday’s cover of the Telegraph was predominately dominated with an image of the prime minister, with the headline: “Over my dead body”.

Just above the cover story, a similar tone was taken for the headline of a story about Daly Cherry-Evan’s alleged departure from the Manly Sea Eagles, using the headline: “Keep him at all costs”.

The Daily Telegraph is having to defend itself after they’ve been accused of supporting Tony Abbott. PHOTO: News Limited.



These fresh and shocking allegations were levelled by senior editorial staff at ABC News, who say that it’s a disturbing example of cheque book journalism.

“It’s unacceptable for a media outline such as The Telegraph to show any bias,” said one ABC dignitary.

“There would be blood running down Harris Street if we, the ABC, showed any bias towards a political figure,”

“To put it bluntly, News Limited has too much “conservative driftwood” in it – they should clean out the old guard and replace them with young and irresponsibly under-qualified journalists.” she said, without help from her patriarchal bosses.

Editorial staff at The Telegraph have hit back at the allegations.

“If you want to know why something is happening, follow the money,” said one Telegraph journalist.

“The ABC have to toe a company line just the same as we do.”

“It’s just that a ‘pinko’ Labor government gives them too much money and a Coalition one gives them just what they need – and no more,” he said.

The Daily Telegraph is expected to publish a retraction and an apology on page 113 in tomorrow’s edition.




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