The nation’s former Prime Minister has today revealed to The Advocate that he won’t ever stop grinding.

This follows explosive revelations that Scott Morrison secretly made himself the minister of a number of portfolios, in what seems to be a blatant attempt at grabbing power.

Allegations have emerged that there may be more portfolios we don’t know about, with questions being asked about whether the man who swore him in (Governor General Davi Hurley) should be able to keep his job.

The student at Hustler’s University explained that he’s now launching a fresh new business, that is going to combine his daggy dad persona with his ability to move and shake behind closed doors and manipulate the corridors of power.

“Hire-A-Minister will be your go-to service for whatever you need,” explained Side Hustle Scotty this morning.

The new business comes as the exciting next installment for the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney boy who is becoming the latest entrepreneur out of the area.

“Obviously we won’t be doing any menial work, like mowing lawns, fixing stuff around the house, or starting a job and finishing a six-pack in the garage watching the footy about halfway through,” he said.

“More striking backroom deals to try and gain more power and getting favours for lobbyists and donors,” explained Morrison.

“Pick a Ministry you want to have control over and I’ll find away to get the Governor General to swear me in and we can sort out whatever ya need.”

When asked about how he planned to become a secret minister given his party was no longer in government, Morrison explained that he and the Governor General already had a little plan worked out.

“I can’t provide the details of that,” he laughed.

“I can’t even tell the seniour people in my party!”

More to come.


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