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A woman who has recently found herself learning what a narcissist is has surprisingly discovered that they do not make up just 1% of the population – they are EVERYWHERE.

Lu Taddeo [26] found herself deep diving into the subject after seeing a few Tik Toks about it, which made her conclude that her ex is definitely one…and her dad, her grandad, her boss, her friend’s ex, and Scott Morrison.

However, Lu has now found herself going a bit overboard with her obsession with narcissism, mistaking every asshole for having a serious behavioural disorder due to the innate desire to understand why people do the things they do.

This may be due to personality disorders being a much easier label to bear, than accepting that there are millions of variables behind a person’s behaviour and that most people aren’t dicks for the sheer thrill of it but because they have their reasons to justify it.

A complex mental health issue, narcissism is one of several types of personality disorders and requires an individual to have five or more characteristics, such as inflated self-worth, sense of entitlement and need for excessive admiration, to name a few. And considering some of the traits listed can be quite common in people when individually picked, it’s easy to see why Lu would consider half the Australian population as ‘narcs.’

Still, informing her girlfriends that the bloke they’re seeing is ‘totally a narcissist’ does oddly make them feel a lot better and gives them a fun topic to talk about.

More to come.


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