The scandal involving Scott Morrison and the Governor General is deepening by the hour, with fresh revelations about the pair’s behaviour.

Less than 24 hours after news broke that Side Hustle Scotty had been up to some questionable things behind closed doors, it can now be confirmed that the former PM made himself the minister of 5 different portfolios.

In addition to appointing himself to the health, finance and resources portfolios, Side Hustle Scotty also gave himself joint responsibility for home affairs, treasury, and industry – with the nation eagerly waiting on the potential news of more secret appointments.

Scotty reportedly took on the responsibility for health and finance in May 2020 and then decided to dip his toe back in with the other portfolios in May 2021.

Karen Andrews, a former Home Affairs Minister in the Morrison Government has since joined calls for Scotty to resign from parliament altogether.

A multitude of questions are being asked about who knew what, how Scotty thought he would get away with undermining our democracy, and why the Governor General decided to be friends with benefits with the Member for Cook for starters.

It’s also been asked why this bloke wanted so many jobs, seeing as though he seemed to get chills at the very thought of having to do some work.

For those who were blessed to witness the Morrison Prime Ministership, the nation’s Bloke in Chief couldn’t seem to go more than a couple of weeks without reminding people how much he hated rolling his sleeves up.

From going missing in the middle of the devastating summer of bushfires to failing to pick up the phone to order some jabs during the middle of a health crisis, plenty of heads are being scratched as to why Morrison wanted to take on extra work.

“It wasn’t exactly like the bloke was nailing the one job he had,” explained one local citizen at the Betoota Heights spar this afternoon.

“Maybe he thought it was god’s plan to rule the nation for the rest of his life.”

“Who knows.”

Morrison has since tried to hose down the scandal, with his new leader Peter Dutton saying everyone needs to cool off a little.

More to come.


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