A Betoota Grove couple has today hit out at the Reserve Bank of Australia, the rental market, and the nation more generally.

After receiving a letter from the bank regarding their mortgage repayments, Gary and Belinda Sponge have given a rather angry interview to The Advocate today.

“This isn’t how this is supposed to work,” said a furious Gary, after seeing a rise in the couple’s mortgage payments as a result of recent interest rate raises.

“These rate hikes mean we might have to contribute to our mortgage,” explained Belinda, the owner of seven different investment properties across Western and South Eastern Queensland.

Despite being mortgage free on four of their seven properties which they own outright, Belinda and Gary say they still have roughly $900,000 worth of mortgages for the remaining three properties.

“And now the rent from those three properties isn’t going to completely cover their mortgages we have,” said a furious Belinda.

“It’s not fair, we are going to have to dip into the money we make from the other properties to cover it,” continued the couple who retired early and have been able to live off the fact other people can’t afford to own their own home.

“Obviously we’ll be hiking the rent on those tenants, but would you believe not a single one of them thought to offer to help us out and pay more rent???”

“How entitled are these people?”

“We are only going to be making a couple of grand a week in clean profit off them now,” the sighed before concluding the interview.

More to come.


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