Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today confirmed that he will be calling for a ban on all protests not related to abortion.

His calls came at a speech today, following weeks of disruption caused by environmental protestors who have been trying to get action on climate change.

That has lead to the Prime Minister vowing to take action against any disrupters and boycotters who aren’t trying to prevent women from having control over their own bodies.

“The threat to mining in this country comes from a new breed of radical activism,” he said today.

“A brand of activism that should only be reserved for vulnerable young woman trying to enter a medical clinic,” continued the fired up Prime Minister.

“So, while drought cripples the inland of the nation and the impending recession draws ever closer, the number one priority for my government for the foreseeable future will be protecting large multinational mining companies that don’t pay any tax and pillage the natural environment.”

“Because, someone needs to stand up for the little guys, the quiet tax-dodging conglomerates.”

“And I’m proud to say I’m going to do my bloody best to do that.”


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