Canberra Raiders coach Ricky Stuart has today poured fuel on the fire he lit on Saturday night.

The fiery character has moved to address the fallout from his comments about Penrith Panther’s player Jaeman Salmon, by issuing a somewhat cryptic quote about “weak gutted dogs.”

“Mate, I grew up in Queanbeyan, and I can tell you, I know a weak gutted dog when I see one,” he said, referencing a news story on the TV about another of the town’s famous sons.

His comments come as former NSW Deputy Premier John Barliaro faces a parliamentary inquiry into how he was awarded a 500,000 dollar a year trade role to NYC, with the state’s leaders also trying to dodge any form of blame or accountability for the ‘jobs for the boy’s appointment.’

“I have a lot of history with that town, and I knew blokes there who were weak gutted dogs as kids, and who haven’t changed now,” said Ricky, in what appeared to be a barb at a former hometown acquaintance.

“They are still weak gutted dogs now”

“Which is why I’m in a position to identify weak gutted dogs,” he said, pursing his lips and staring angrily into the distance.

“I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.”

“Very similar to the two-faced putrid dogs you see around town”

“And anyone who has grown up in a place like Queanbeyan knows very well, that there are plenty of those getting around.”

“But at least I went and said it like a man, rather than hiding behind a keyboard and posting shit in Queanbeyan’s community Facebook group.”

“I’ll probably get more fines for saying all this, but at the end of the day, sometimes you gotta stand up for your beliefs and call a dog a dog.”


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