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A local girl has today learnt the hard way today, that if you find yourself repeatedly typing out your feelings in the notes app, he’s probably not the one.

Katie Hamilton [23] is said to have hit the three month mark with her situationship Aaron, when it had all started to fall to shit – a.k.a, the three month curse.

This curse, which happens to both men and women, is said to occur as a result of the honeymoon phase coming to an end and reaching the inevitable ‘what are we?’ milestone. That, and the rush of chemicals begins to fade, and both parties become not only more comfortable, but also aware of each other’s flaws.

For Katie, she’d still been in the rose coloured glasses phase of the relationship, when she noticed Aaron began pulling away, and his attitude started shifting. Very quickly, the good morning texts disappeared and she went from seeing him three days a week to one, if she was lucky.

To quote Taylor Swift, she thinks she’s seen this film before.

Though Katie tried to convince herself this was normal and that Aaron simply needed some space, she knew deep down that he’d lost interest. Which left her no other option, but to type up yet another message in her Notes app, send it to her girlfriend’s for feedback, and fire it off as she anxiously checks her phone every five minutes.

“Hey, I know we’ve spoken about this but I just wanted to ask if we’re still okay? I’m just noticing you’ve been a bit distant lately.”

“Have I done something?”

Getting a response three hours later, Katie’s well thought out paragraph is met with a ‘nah everything’s fine’, which she knows is a big fat lie.

As of writing, Katie says she’s going to stop texting first and see how long it takes him to reach out, stating that she recognises a slow fade and has her breakup speech ready and waiting. 

Because if it ain’t a fuck yes, it’s a fuck no.

More to come


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