Queensland’s LNP Opposition and their media arm at the Courier Mail have this week criticised the state Government for using a public infrastructure ad campaign as a platform for pro-Labor propaganda.

The Queensland government is spending millions of dollars to spread public awareness of their Big Build infrastructure plan in an advertising campaign funded by taxpayers.

Critics say that this kind of messaging is too positive, and comes across as a glowing endorsement of the current government and it’s new leader.

How Queensland Labor says ‘keeping Queenslanders informed is vital’ – especially when everyone’s got an uncle whose brain has been fucked by social media conspiracies that have convinced themselves that the public service is controlled by ancient religious orders like the Freemasons and Jesuits.

They say that the campaign – which is running in the midst of an election year – will cost more than $2 million, and is simply pointing out all of the construction work and subsequent inconveniences that the community may face as a result of the Labor government actually doing something to better the life of Australian voters who should remember that the last LNP Premier was Campbell Newman who did nothing except close down mental health institutions and arrest people for having beards while riding motorbikes.

This allegedly apolitical campaign includes $607,000 for television ads, about $404,000 for radio ads, more than $500,000 for digital ads, and about $478,000 for outdoor ads on giant billboards that wrap around the major infrastructural developments that are paying unionised stop/go sign operators nearly 200k a year.

The campaign includes multiple ads with tailored messages for various regions across the state. For example, in the retiree belt of Sunshine Coast through to Maryborough, the billboards are highlighting a push to build better health services, while also pointing out that the former Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk held the line against extreme pressure from that arrogant Sydney fuckwit Prime Minister Scott Morrison who was demanding she open the borders during the pandemic and put millions of elderly voters at risk of dying from that filthy virus that the Southerners could not control.

In the capital, the billboards are more focused on informing voters of the fact that the current Premier Steven Miles is a 20-year member of the Brisbane Broncos, but was also gracious enough to support the Redcliffe Dolphins in their bid to join the NRL.


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