Just a few weeks out from the Tasmanian Election, and the Australian Media is growing increasingly worried about the possibility of living in a world where the Liberal Party does not hold any form of government at a State or Federal level.

Despite trying their hardest to spin last weekend’s Dunkley By-Election result as somewhat of a win for the Federal Coalition, it seems the political party that the Australia’s media families would prefer holds power is becoming increasingly unelectable.

The Tasmanian Liberals have slipped 16 points in primary voting intentions to 33 per cent, according to recent polling, with the Labor Party creeping forward as the campaign continues.

However, it’s not necessarily the Labor Party that concerns the conservative establishment. Its the rise of Jacqui Lambie.

A veteran of the political Independent movement, Lambie first made a name for herself as the Deputy Leader of the now limping Palmer United Party.

In 2016, along with his posse of political weirdos, QLD Billionaire Clive Palmer briefly became very real player in Federal politics.
Until his deputy leader Senator Lambie resigned from the party and went independent, causing the whole party to collapse.

But Jacqui Lambie never went anywhere. This unrefined lino-floor feminist has refused to disappear, and is now herself a major player in Tasmanian politics at both a Federal and state level.

And she’s emerging as Tasmania’s next political kingmaker as polling ahead of the March 23 state election shows disenchanted voters are walking away from major parties and rushing to her handpicked candidates.

While the possibility of a Lambie majority might rattle both the media and political class to their core, it seems voters are perfectly fine with her bold pre-election policies which would require the oldest son of every Tasmanian family to enlist for national service in exchange for a utopian socialist society and much cheaper groceries.

Political experts from Betoota’s leading political think-tank PUNTER (Political Undercurrents, National Trends and Ecosystemic Speculations) have today released an artist’s impression of what Tasmanian would look like if everyone just handed over the reigns to Jacqui.



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