An overwhelming majority of voters have backed the Albanese government’s changes to superannuation, according to the latest Newspoll.

According to the Newspoll, 64% of voters approve of the super changes to charge 30% tax on earnings above $3m, up from 15%, a measure that will currently affect 80,000 people with large balances… When they are implemented in three years time.

However, despite almost two-thirds of respondents backing the policy, it is still the number one news story across all of Australia’s major mastheads, TV networks and talkback stations.

Not even twelve months after Australia’s billionaire media families were left humiliated by the election of a Federal Labor Government that they had worked tirelessly to discredit and smear, it seems they may have once again highlighted their irrelevance with the hysterical coverage of the slight changes to superannuation tax breaks for the richest 5% of Australians.

It may be because Australia’s last remaining ‘political commentators’ who are employed by the major newspapers are actually just rich old cunts with over $3m in their Superannuation accounts that they would rather continue recieving tax breaks for, or they are underpaid shills acting on behalf of their multimillionaire network executives.

Or maybe, they are being order to draw as much attention away from the Robodebt Royal Commission as possible, out of fear of the Liberals losing the next 20 elections when the Australia public figures out what the fuck they have done.

‘Robodebt’ was an automated method of calculating welfare recipients’ alleged debts by matching their reported pay with their supposed annual incomes, which were estimated by averaging data from the Australian Taxation Office. It was later found to be faulty and resulted in the hounding of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Australians to repay thousands of dollar they did not owe – with a disgraceful number of low-socio-economic families driven into poverty, homelessness and suicide as a result of the government sanctioned harassment from debt collectors.

It’s also been revealed that almost everyone involved in Robodebt knew what they were doing was illegal, and some ministers even keep personal records of welfare recipients that were ‘causing trouble’ by advocating on behalf of the other vulnerable Australians at the centre of this

But we cannot look past the 80,000 ‘middle’ Australians with over $3m in their super accounts. Luckily, Peter Dutton and the entire media landscape have made sure of that.


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