With gotcha journalism taking a bigger public chastising than most MAFS participants, Australians are realising they are fed up enough with journalists to side with the Australian Greens.

Long acknowledged as one of the reasons it’s not cool to care about the environment, the Australian Greens are the third largest Australian political party by vote which is why they receive about 15 minutes of news coverage per year.

Recently, Australia learned Richard Di Natale is not the Greens leader anymore when current leader Adam Bandt was questioned by Australian Financial Review’s Ron Mitzen over the wage price index.

Not knowing the answer, Bandt told Mitzen to “Google it, mate” before officially turning the National Press Club address into The Roast Of Ron Mizen.

Although the nation recently enjoyed watching Scotty squirm as he all but admitted he didn’t know the price of a loaf of bread, the last three days of fact-checking style ‘gotcha’ questions have worn a little thin with the public and people who get all of their opinions from Twitter.

As a result, the nation finds itself in a situation rarer than planetary alignment as we agree that a Greens leader is bang on and living in our reality.

The only person unhappy with the rapid shift away from gotcha questions is the Prime Minister who claims “silly duffer questions” are a much nicer alternative to “questions about real stuff and other stuff like that.”


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