In some genuinely shocking news from the CBDs of our major cities, it can be revealed that those who control the media landscape in this country are not interested in covering calls for a Billionaire’s Tax.

For some weird reason, the families who own, founded, or run the major media corporations have zero time for publishing anything to do with proposals to tax billionaires.

This comes after prolonged radio silence on the issues from companies owned by billionaires like Bruce Gordon (Channel 9/10), Kerry Stokes (Channel 7/West Australian), and Rupert Murdoch (NewsCorp) – and who receive huge advertising revenue from billionaires like Twiggy Forrest, Gina Rinehart, Gerry Harvey and Clive Palmer.

While calls for some policy like this have been floating around for some time now, Greens leader Adam Bandt tried to bring the debate to the nation’s attention during his Press Club address yesterday, calling for a modest 6% tax.

However, it seems to be his comments about trans rights that has been the angle run by employees whose big bosses fall into the category of ‘billionaire.’

With only 122 billionaires in the country, it’s believed the commercial media classes who are at the whim of their owners believe it’s easier to just do what the major political parties are doing – and just swerve the topic all together.

“Obviously given the small number of billionaires in this country, it’s pretty hard to argue that this tax would affect working Australians,” said an editor at one of the more notable mastheads.

“I know we have a pretty good record of pushing trickle-down economics, but saying that billionaires being taxed would flow down to Terry from Penrith is probably a bit of a stretch,” he said.

“So, as a media collective, we’ll just treat the issue like a revelation Friendly Jordies has made about a politician, and completely ignore it.”

“Obviously if someone actually took the issues seriously we would run a smear campaign threatening the economy would collapse if our bosses weren’t allowed access to rampant profits and treated to generous tax loopholes and concessions”

“But we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it. So for now, it’s all about Adam Bandt and the Greens demanding that all kids become Trans as part of their anti-religious extremism!!!!!”

More to come.


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