The dregs of the once all-powerful Liberal Party has made it known this week that they plan to drop everything and focus all of their resources and manpower towards ensuring the upcoming referendum for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament is unsuccessful.

While the party continues to limp on in the wake of the 2022 federal election bloodbath, and it seems approval ratings for Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and the rest of his colleagues have continued to soar directly downwards.

But they’ve got a plan to turn this around!

Firstly, by undermining the upcoming referendum – which aims to install a system that might help politicians better understand the very real and immediate social issues facing the Indigenous community.

Once vocal supporters of The Uluru Statement, which is the founding document that the upcoming Indigenous Voice Referendum is based upon, the Liberal Party has made it clear that they are only fairweather friends to Aboriginal people. And unfortunately, when they are in opposition, they can’t be seen to support them.

This comes after the Liberals made the highly calculated and very clever decision to reject the proposed Indigenous Voice referendum – which seeks to include First Nations people in the constitution and provide a room in Parliament House for community leaders and elders to help advise politicians about the many varying and diverse barriers that their people face when it comes to acheiving equality in education, incarceration rates and life expectancy.

So unfortunately, a successful referendum result will mean Anthony Albanese gets to take credit. Not them. And therefore they must rally their friends in the Murdoch media and social media trolls to help destroy this previously agreed upon idea.

However, as more and more high profile figures come out in support of The Indigenous Voice, the Liberals are growing increasingly nervous that this referendum result might be similar to the last 5 or 6 elections in Australia. Where the polls, newspapers and politicians themselves wrongly assumed the Liberals were going to win because they live in a detached bubble of political and media elites.

They are also terrified that a successful Indigenous Voice referendum will mean that they have to interact with more than two of them.

The top brass of the Liberal Party’s visible discomfort when having to stand on stage next to Warren Mundine and Jacinta Price to campaign against the Indigenous Voice shows an outdated institution grappling with their own vision for the country.

Their remaining MPs and Senators are counting down the days until this is all over, and they don’t have to ever interact with anyone from this community ever again. Let alone give them a microphone.

Until they then, they will continue passionately helping the Aboriginal people by working tirelessly to maintain the status quo: a world where they only see them from a distance when visiting National Party electorates, or driving through Redfern on the way to watch Sydney Uni rugby matches.


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