A local freeloader is believed to be pushing his luck today as he sets up his laptop in the bistro of a Betoota pub.

Damian Burns (32) is a self-described digital nomad, a bloke who writes for several food review publications including ‘Drink & Dine Diamantina’, our region’s premier foodie blog.

Given that he doesn’t have an office to head into, Damian has been banned from many of the cafes in town due to his penchant for sponging off the WIFI connection of local businesses and believing it’s okay to pay $4.80 for a coffee and take up territory on a table for two hours over the busy lunch trade.

Unwelcome in most cafes in the French Quarter, Damian has reportedly today decided to try his luck migrating to The Bull and Barley Hotel, a dive bar on Tallis Street that sits empty until 4pm most weekdays, until the $8 happy hour pints kick off and local pissheads roll in.

So with the carpet beer soaked after a weekend of heavy footy fan traffic, Damian decided he’d clutch at the only fresh air in the venue and park himself up at the best table facing out onto the street.

Used to usually ordering an almond latte upon entering his self-defined WeWork space, it’s believed Damian decided today he’d take a leaf from his high school P.E lessons and order two standard drinks in the first hour and one every hour after that.

Despite spotting an ad for $15 jugs of house beer between the hours of 11am-2pm, Damian told The Advocate drinking jugs at midday was real degenerate behaviour.

“Haha nah, you can’t be ordering a jug to yourself at midday, that’s just sad!” Damian told our reporter as the patting of his Macbook keys were drowned out by the sounds of a nearby pokie jackpot.

“Plus if the WIFI here isn’t any good, I’ll have to pack up and go somewhere else. Anyway, looks like you’re working here too, do you know the password?”


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