A soon-to-be-married local bloke is today learning that there are people that need to be prioritisied when it comes to a wedding guest list.

Betoota-based freight logistics manager, Dyl Brownlow (32) thought that his special day would be an opportunity to celebrate love with the people he holds dearest.

Unfortunately his mother, mother-in-law and soon-to-be-wife cannot appreciate that most of the people he would want at his wedding are the 15 blokes he met at a bucks party in 2017 – and has since remained in contact with daily messages in a busy group chat.

“No” says all three women in his life, in unison.

“They can’t come”

Dyl puts his face in his hands.

“Why not?” he whines.

“I’ve already told them they can”

“I was gonna hook up Antman the deckhand from Airlie with your friend Daksha from work. She’s single isn’t he. She’d love him!”

In this moment it becomes clear to the fiancee, mother-in-law and mother just how little involvement men usually have in a wedding. And begin to understand why Dyl just thinks it’s gonna be nothing more than a bucks party and a 12 hour ceremony.

“You’ve already invited your entire colts football team from 2012…” says his girlfriend, treading gently.

“You can’t invite a whole group chat. You don’t know these people.”

“I certainly don’t”

Dylan sighs.

“Yes I do. They are the boys. We’ve been on two bucks party’s since Maccas Bucks party. And they are coming to my bucks party.. It’s weird to have them at the bucks and not the wedding”

His mum intervenes.

“So these are like pen pals?”

“NO” he responds.

“They are some of the great blokes”

“And I know them better than half these guests.

Dyl picks up the guest list, and begins frantically searching for validation.

“Like this bloke… Who the hell in Tane Smith?”

Everyone groans.

“He’s married to your cousin Sophie” says his girlfriend.

“Sophie Smith.

“Who’s wedding you spoke at… On the night we met?”

Dyl concedes defeat. His plan to hit the clubs with the boys after the reception is slowly fading.


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