Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s has put the proposed referendum on constitutional recognition of Indigenous people front and centre over the weekend, during his landmark address at the 2022 Garma Festival.

Speaking at the opening of the four-day cultural event, Mr Albanese unveiled a proposed the official ballot question that will decide any alterations to Australia’s founding document.

The Labor Government brought the issue to the centre of its agenda when Mr Albanese declared on election night that there would be a referendum in his first term.

The Voice to Parliament was a key element of the 2017 Uluru Statement from the Heart and called for an elected Indigenous advisory body to the Federal Parliament.

And despite the fact that the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has clarified that his government’s proposal for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament will not act as a third chamber to governance, Bob Katter MP has today proposed exactly that in a lengthy soundbite provided exclusively to The Betoota Advocate

However, it seems Katter’s version of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament might require the construction of a ‘second Parliament House’ – which he believes could be based out of somewhere ‘people actually enjoy visiting’ like Townsville.

His proposal, which is too long to print within this actual article, can be found in the headline.



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